Beneflor is one of the most innovative companies in its segment in Spain which is confirmed by our facilities. We dispose of greenhouses equipped with the most advanced technologies as an area for new varieties specific development that allow us to increase our productive potential. Beneflor applies the lightest materials in its facilities along with the most advanced climate control systems, watering, heating and illumination automatics. All of these make the plantation more efficient.

We take care of our clients and offer them the type of service which meets their requirements in a better way. Our products quality is based on the fresh chain control during all the operations with cut flowers, such as packing and transporting.

Beneflor is a company which is open for planting new varieties that can be realized in Spanish climate conditions and according to the market necessities.

Beneflor has participated in the commercial Mission to Kazakhstan and Belarus held by INFO with European Fond of Regional Development (FEDER) backing.

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